Online meal order and delivery done right

Pick N Bite is a weekly meal prep and meal delivery service, catering to its valued customers with fresh gourmet meals every week. We prepare the foods you select and you can pick them up or have them delivered, ready to be microwaved and consumed anytime you like. We do the cooking; you enjoy the meals.

Our purpose for creating Pick N Bite was simple: to make gourmet meals and delicious, nutritional foods available in the most convenient manner. And what better way to fulfill that purpose than weekly meal prep and delivery service? We extend our love for cooking as a service that lets you enjoy hot, gourmet meals without having to cook.

We believe having to find good, healthy meals at affordable prices should not be a hassle for you. You should not have to order food or take outs every day. Whether you lead a busy lifestyle, have a hectic schedule that doesn’t allow you the time to cook, or simply don’t like cooking, you can always rely on us to serve you with the foods you want. We are making delicious homemade meals accessible, convenient, and affordable.

Our menu features various options for you to choose from, including Breakfast, Chicken, Beef, Vegetarian, Seafood, and Dessert categories. Each category features diverse foods so you can choose your favorite. This way, we are able to serve all kinds of customers with their preferred foods.

Our Foods are delicious, healthy, and nutritious. When we cook, we keep in mind two things: quality and taste. We use fresh ingredients to prepare your meals, and guarantee that the foods you receive are as nutritious as homemade meals should be. Additionally, we prepare your meals in a hygienic and clean environment. When you eat Pick n Bite meals, you know you’re eating fresh, healthy food that’s good for you.

The Best Food Solution. Pick n Bite is the ideal service for people who are unable to cook, lead hectic lifestyles, or perhaps don’t enjoy restaurant food. Elderly people, single parents, college students living alone can especially benefit from our service, receiving delicious, healthy foods that don’t require time or energy cooking. Pick n Bite is also the right service for you if you don’t enjoy restaurant foods or simply don’t feel like going out. It doesn’t matter whether you have kids to look after, a job to tend to, studies to focus on, or have any other reason that prevents you from cooking – we have got you covered!

Give your order online; design your meal plan as you like. Mix and match items from the variety of options presented to you. Easily add breakfast items, dinner main course meal items, desserts, and anything you prefer into a meal plan. Pay securely through our online payment processing system, and relax. Your healthy meals will be delivered on time – refrigerate, take out and microwave to eat whenever you like. It’s easy and simple.