Healthy food at your doorstep

Nowadays meal delivery services is gaining popularity as most of the people are busy in their hectic schedule and don’t have time to cook nutritious and healthy meal at home. The busy work schedule leaves no time for cooking and people end up ordering food from restaurant.

Meal delivery service benefits:

  • In your busy schedule you do not have to worry about cooking the healthy and nutritious meals for your family, you can rely on us for that. We will do the cooking and you have the pleasure of eating our gourmet meals.
  • You can avail this service even at your office. Many times people don’t get time to go and get lunch because of work load, so we deliver healthy meals to them and our service will save their time to drive up to restaurant for eating food.
  • You can get to eat healthy meals at affordable prices and it comes in exact proportion which will stop you from over eating.
  • We customize the meals for vegan people or even make gluten free meals and also prepare specific meals for a diabetic people.
  • Moreover we cooking for you will save your time and you can utilize your time in many other important things.
  • Meal delivery services are best for the single parent, student living in hostel; people busy in their offices or don’t like cooking etc.

Many people end up dining out in the restaurant because of the lack of time and this ultimately affects your health.

  • First of all the food is not at all healthy and you don’t even know what’s gone in your meal.
  • Excessive use of butter and cream to make the food rich in taste and this in turn will add up to your calories.
  • The other drawback of dining out in restaurant is you will over eat as you will be tempted to the yummy dishes which are tasty but unhealthy.
  • Last but not the least it is expensive as compared to meal delivery services.

Even the experts believe that eating at home is always better if you want to lose weight and eat healthy.

  • If you eat homely food there are no chance of over eating as the food prepared will be in exact proportion
  • You can select the vegetables and groceries which are good for health and diet and also provides proper nutrition to your body
  • You can cut down the excessive use of oil and butter in your food and can save yourself from gaining more calories

If you don’t have time to cook for yourself at home, Pick n Bite will do that for you. We believe in cooking healthy and nutritious meals for people by using fresh ingredients. We believe in hygiene and quality, all our meals are prepared in a hygienic environment. Our menu features breakfast, chicken, beef, vegetarian, seafood and desserts and each category has wide variety of foods from which you can choose your favorite.

You are free to design your meal plan as you like. You can order online and pay securely through online payment processing system, and relax. Your meals will be delivered on time – eat at your convenience. We make your life easy and simple.